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Here’s What Some of Our
Satisfied Customers Have to Say

Christian and his team are amazing! Christian actually came by to bid the job on a Saturday and got me on the schedule for the following Monday. The team cut back a very large blue spruce tree that was hanging over my garage and part of my back yard. They cut a lot of the tree and yet managed to do so in a way that left the tree looking natural and not butchered. They also pruned a mature ash tree. Cuttings were done professionally and in a way that will promote the health of the trees. The clean up was immaculate . Seriously, not a single branch left behind. I plan to hire Amen to do some work at my mother's house next.

Brenda Devitt-Nielsen

We had many large trees that needed to be removed. We got quotes from about a dozen tree removal services and Amen Trees was absolutely the best price. They were also available to begin work within 2-3 days of the quote. It was so nice to get the work done so promptly. Christian was great - always making sure we were happy with their work. The work was done quickly and professionally. I would definitely recommend Amen Trees for quick and affordable tree removal!

Rachel Jaggi

The job by far exceeded my expectations. The crew was prompt, considerate, and very respectful of my yard. They showed up ready to work and made sure my questions were answered to alleviate any concerns. The job was done quick and safely. Cleanup was amazing! My yard looks far better than it did when they got here. I'll definitely use them again for future jobs and would recommend them to all of my friends and family.

Wendy Dellinger

Top notch guys who do a great job. I've hired Amen Trees several times. They are fast and efficient and
always give me a great price. I highly recommend them.

Vincent Clark

Amen trees are guys that stick to their word. I had them come over to bid a job that was way over my head and they performed. Flawlessly. They took out two pine, one dying cherry, and a huge locust in one day. I went to work with the gate unlocked and came home to everything gone and a clean site. Their price was competitive and they're legit. I will refer these people to my friends and family because they do the job and they do it right. Chris you're a champ!

Devon Adams

I called these guys to get a quote on taking down a couple of massive trees and trimming some others. Within a half hour he was here and gave me a VERY affordable quote. The crazy thing was he was able to start immediately and had everything trimmed and both trees removed within a few hours of initially talking to him. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone.

Brandon Muir

I wanted take a moment and express how happy I am with the service I received from Christian at Amen trees. He was very professional, arrived on time, and gave me a fair price to remove a tree. I would recommend this company; in fact I am planning on having them remove two more trees from my back yard next year.

Thanks, Quinton Inglet Salt Lake City

Quinton Inglet


Thank you for your service!

What a great experience. Refreshing to know someone who values hard work, commitment & relationships.
You were on time, professional, and did a fantastic job. Not only would I use your service again, but would highly recommend you to anyone!

Sharlotte Wolf, Salt Lake City

Sharlotte Wolf

We were referred to Amen Trees by a friend our experience went well they did what they said they would do, showed up on time and handled our situation professionally.

Gary C

Loved working with Amen Trees. Extremely professional group of guys.

They removed a +100 yrs old Box Elder (that was massive) from our backyard that was in-between houses and had power lines throughout. Removed the tree with no problem.

Left our backyard spotless. 10/10 would recommend!

Jacob Wood

These guys were positively great! Cut down our tree in less time than expected, took care of all the clean up, and were also friendly and professional. I would HIGHLY recommend them!!! They finished right as the snow started, and made sure to finish the job. The cost was more than reasonable.

Alfred Jones

Wow! These guys are amazing! Came in $300 cheaper than the other guys. We've been battling with a neighbor about their tree, these guys took care of it for us. On time, very professional, cleaned everything up and very quick! Highly recommend this company!

Brooke Peacock

Nic from Amen was great about communication and very professional. Amen had to take the tree down from over our neighbor's property and they had no complaints. His crew even left our backyard cleaner than how they found it.

Cindy Peterson

I've had Amen out to handle a whole bunch of tree problems I inherited from the previous owner of my house, and they're always been great. Just today, Adam and his crew saved my power lines from a branch that was hanging by a thread, in the middle of a windstorm, and I was amazed by how fast and careful they were when going about their work. You'll get great service at a great value from Amen and I look forward to giving them my business again in the future.

Erik Anderson

We had a large pine tree break and do damage during a recent snow storm, they were able to come out quickly evaluate it and remove it the next day with cranes, they took all the wood with them and cleaned it up nicely. I was so impressed with the response and I knew that they were also very busy with other down trees in the valley.

Jeanette Jordan

Excellent company to work with. Their arborist did a beautiful job on our black walnut tree, bringing the canopy up and maintaining it's beautiful shape. Also were great at taking care of some last minute requests while at the job site. The entire crew were friendly hard working and got the job done, we had about 13 trees they removed also, cleaned up the site great also.

Cheryl LaBerge

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